Bored, bored, bored

6.20pm and still waiting. Didn’t realise that daytime TV was quite so bad. Had a text from the Boss calling me a skiver and saying I could have done a days’ work. Should introduce him to the Unfeeling One.

I would like to report that the suspense is killing me but it achieved that at about 3.30pm. I must be last on the list: hope he doesn’t got too bored by the time I appear on the table in front of him. Kneedyman.

4 thoughts on “Bored, bored, bored

  1. Morning you brave little soldier! Of course you may not be up to reading this having had such a traumatic day yesterday – did they do the op? I just had a thought, will you ever read this? One of the wristbands attached may be to help ID you in the mortuary! Must dry clean my funeral outfit x

    • You cruel person you. I thought you were wearing your funeral suit at last week’s RC meeting: does it need cleaning already? Miaow. Yes, it was all done yesterday and I shall be writing of my adventures this afternoon.

  2. And there was me, thinking I worked with adults…..big mistake. Glad you got through the surgery Mike, I think that’s the easy part. Just wait until the physios get their hands on you! Hope you’re wearing a fetching pair of TEDs – white or navy?

    • White Ted stockings at the moment. It was all going well until the physio turned up but more of that In my blog which should be published later on today. I need a snooze as it is so tiring lying here all day.

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